From concept to reality: Physical mockups on sustainable barrier papers

Pack Mockup helps creatives and brands easily order tailored mockups on paper with integrated barriers that protect food and non-food products.

Eager to go plastic-free or away from multi-layer foils? Touch & feel your new design and start your sustainable packaging journey.

Why is barrier paper packaging an excellent sustainable choice?


Our innovative papers with integrated barriers (aroma, oxygen, mineral oil, grease) protect dry food and non-food products. Barrier paper is a monomaterial, therefore it can be recycled in paper recycling streams worldwide (unlike multi-layer foils).

Low CO2

Our paper is sourced from sustainably managed forests, where trees capture CO2 as they grow and are replanted. Being fibre-based, paper has a lower CO2 footprint than fossil-based plastics.


Being a fibre-based packaging material, we contribute to decreasing plastic pollution in oceans and landfields.

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