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Doypack (5 barrier paper mockups)

Doypack (5 barrier paper mockups)

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Barrier paper (fiber-based) packaging designed for packaging food products such as soups, powders, cereals, grains or pasta; as well as non-food products such as detergents and cleaning materials. 

Thanks to the integrated barriers, there is no need to apply special coatings or laminations. This innovative paper responds to market demand for recyclable alternatives to multilayer foils and plastic.

Each order includes printed or unprinted production of 5 mockup pieces, to help you feel and choose the best alternative for your new packaging project. For printed projects, it includes artwork handling.


Fibre-based packaging

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Why fiber-based packaging?

Politicians are calling for it, customers prefer to use it and manufacturers of packaging materials are expected to supply it: The demand for sustainable packaging has increased tremendously in recent years. More and more companies are turning to paper. Indeed, according to an online survey conducted by the Simon, Kucher & Partners management consultancy in March of 2021, sustainable packaging....

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